The Next Great Adventure

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Senegal blog, the place for all of my updates on the next two years of Peace Corps work. I can’t promise it will be frequent. I can’t promise my agriculture jokes will be funny. I can’t even promise it will always be relevant. But I can promise to keep you in the loop on my work in Africa and life without electricity. I’m a week away from leaving; the next post will come from Senegal!


For those of you who haven’t heard my five-minute spiel about this new adventure in my life – here we go. I will be a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent with the Peace Corps in Senegal for the next 27 months. The first nine weeks are mostly language training and visiting current agriculture volunteers at their sites to see what projects they are working on. In this time I’ll learn a local language, Wolof and Pulaar are the most common, and receive health and safety training for living in West Africa. As a former French colony, the government and many people in urban areas speak French. For those of you who read the France blog, yes, my language training should come in handy! After the initial nine weeks in country, and after passing a few tests and interviews, we’re sworn in as volunteers. So, my service as a volunteer begins in December 2013 and ends December 2015. After the swearing in ceremony we move to our site placements. Due to my work in agriculture and extension, I will be living in a very rural area with no electricity and working with several communities. I’m trading in the Subaru for a bicycle and my desk lamp for a headlamp but will still have a cell phone. It’s a crazy world we live in.

As things move along, post comments and questions and I’ll answer them as best (and as quickly) as I can. Be benen yoon.


5 thoughts on “The Next Great Adventure

  1. Dear Erika . . .

    What a wonderful road you are taking (compliments to Robert Frost)! How exciting and how challenging for you, and how empowering your expertise and help will be to the people with whom you will be living and working. Looking forward to sharing your experiences, by proxy.

    Much love and salaam maaleekum . . .

    Aunt Donna

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