New Places to Call Home

I’m already behind on blog posts and I’ve only been in Senegal for four weeks… . The big events I have yet to post about (but they’re in the works, with pictures!) are: the holiday of tabaski and site placement.

On Monday night, all 64 of us trainees found out our permanent sites for the next two years, the places we will move to at the beginning of December. My site is Yacine Lakke! sounds familiar right? Kidding… For googling purposes, look up Bakel Senegal (the closest city) and go about 25 miles north of there. That’s roughly where Yacine Lakke is located, about 6 km from the border of Mauritania.


One thought on “New Places to Call Home

  1. I am so enjoying your traveling tales. I can’t imagine all the new things you are learning to include the language. Thanks for lettings us know your happenings. Cousin Deb

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