Village happenings in pictures


My host sister Hawa before the end of school ceremony


A few of the village women performing traditional Pulaar songs with gourd instruments


The threaded gold rings, called thoissan in Pulaar, are woven into the hair and worn by women at important events or ceremonies. The black dye underneath her lip can be worn in several places on the face and is meant to be a decorative tattoo


My village was SO excited to see me in traditional dress for the ceremony. It was talked about for days…


One of my host sisters, closest on the left, and her dance team at the end of school celebration


A zisiphus grafting training at the Yacine Lacke Master Farm. Grafted zisiphus, known as Pomme du Sahel, is an improved variety of a bush fruit tree that is being extended as an income generator and is something I would like to bring to Yacine


Alhadji Daaradesh, Bema Master Farmer, showing Djinde Ousmane Sow, my work partner and Yacine Lacke Master Farmer, how to attach and care for a grafted zisiphus scion


A four hour old calf born on the morning of the first day of Ramadan in my host family’s compound


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