A village drum circle in pictures


The Senegalese start dancing young; after experiencing several drum circles now (and getting thrown into the middle of all of them) I’m convinced it’s genetic


“Amde” means ‘to dance’ in Pulaar. There are a few classic moves that everyone knows but mostly you move to the beat of the drums and make the dance an expression of whatever you want


For anyone who read my post about pants vs Senegalese complets: no, I have no idea how they move like that in those skirts


The only rule of a drum circle is to stay out of the middle unless you’re dancing; the bigger the movement and the faster the speed the better


While women of all ages typically dominate drum circles, some men (and energetic boys!) have crazy moves and really get the drummers to respond

DSCN3105 DSCN3133 DSCN3145


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