August Updates and Pictures

We’re having an incredible rainy season in Yacine Lakke this year with more than 400 mm of precipitation already and there’s still a few weeks to go (comparatively, last year we barely made 300 mm). So my farmers are happy, the goats are fat, and I don’t even mind that my room smells the slightest bit musty.

August was busy with field visits to the 20 farmers I extended improved variety seeds to, a few zisiphis fruit tree grafting trainings, a youth camp, and a bike trip to the southern region of Kedougou to visit fellow volunteers and do some hiking.  With just two and a half months left in my Peace Corps service I’m starting the process of wrapping things up and checking off those last bucket list items. Enjoy the following pictures from the past month!

Admiring the view of the foothills of the Fouta Djallon mountains in the south of Senegal


Near Bandafassi, Kedougou


A Bedik village with a view


Caves at the top of a waterfall in the Fouta Djallon


Right before we found a spider the size of my hand…


Just when you think you’re the toughest person on the mountain a Senegalese lady breezes by with a heavy bucket on her head


Megan and I near Segou on the Guinea border


A beautiful end to the day, just before a big rainstorm


Biking home from the waterfalls in Segou with our friend and fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, Ian


Segou waterfall


More Segou waterfalls!


Morning coffee at Ian’s hut in Segou before the day’s adventures


The greenery closer to home, in the Boundou area south of Yacine Lakke


Nature walking and rocky vistas


Le Baobab


The 2013-2015 Agriculture and Community Economic Development Volunteers of Peace Corps Senegal. They’ve made all the difference in my service and I can’t imagine having done it with anyone else! (photo by Leif Davenport)


The students and counselors of Camp JAM 2015 (minus Mac Hine, who is behind the lens!)


Teaching about hygiene, health, and family planning at Camp JAM


A rowdy game of jeopardy during afternoon sessions (photo by Mac Hine)


Busting gender stereotypes in camp olympics where the boys wore wrap skirts and carried water and the girls chopped wood


One of my newest grafters in Yacine Lakke, working on the addition of the improved bush fruit variety, Pomme du Sahel, to her garden


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